21 February 2012

COOKING LESSON, Sushi with Stuart

I have recently teamed up with a great up and coming food photographer, Stuart Webster, who  recently accompanied me on one of my Private Dinner Parties and taken some great photos. He has a fantastic passion for food as do I and so it was with great pleasure that we got together to do a one on one cooking lesson. Stuart loves sushi and as it is also one of my favourite types of foods, I have been looking forwards to coming up with a few little dishes that we could create together, taking some great photos in the process. 

Sushi is a very small part of Japanese food, but is surely the most famous, being unique to their cuisine. Sushi is prepared using the finest and freshest produce, complimented best by using a top quality soy sauce and fresh wasabi. I put my personal little twist on a great traditional style of cooking and really enjoyed the lesson.

We used some beautiful fresh scallops, thinly slicing them for sashimi with fresh lime juice, chilli and spring onion.  The smoked mackerel nigiri was complimented by a delicious oyster sauce, whilst the salmon maki was served with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy. Making a fresh tempura batter for the succulent  King prawns added a crisp texture and another dimension to the finished combination of dishes. The dessert was a great way to end on a high, offering a burst of sweet tropical fruit flavours, with the bitter knorri seaweed and the sharpness of the lime syrup.


King prawn tempura nigiri,
x x x
Saute King prawn nigiri, 
x x x
Salmon nigiri,
x x x
Salmon maki,
x x x
Smoked mackerel nigiri,
x x x
Scallop sashimi,

Followed by:

Tropical fruit maki, fresh lychee, mango and strawberries, lime syrup.

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