26 July 2011


When I cater for Dinner Parties, I like to take a few photos and produce a little write up from each one  to capture a few memories. On this page, I have listed previous dinner parties with direct links to the full menu below each picture. Each and every menu is bespoke to the host and tailored especially for them. You may gain inspiration from browsing through or I am happy to work together with you to design your own specific menu.

Click the text below each picture for full menus.

Dinner Party, Noel and Michelle Reidy
Dinner Party, Simon Bowman
Dinner Party, Noel and Michelle Reidy, Jan 2012
Dinner Party, Eleanor Willcox
Dinner Party, Margaret Brown
Dinner Party, James and Sharon Sothcott
Dinner Party, Liesl Devereux
Dinner Party, Gary Connolly
Dinner Party, Amanda Cooper
Dinner Party for Joanna and Ian
Dinner Party, Helen Black
Dinner Party, louise Bush, Dec 2012
Dinner Party, Sharon Sothcott.

Dinner Party, Mark and Cindy Billington, November
Dinner Party for Karen Brown
Dinner Party for Jules and Sue, November
Dinner Party for Noel and Michelle Reidy

Dinner Party for Paul and Lorna Benton
Dinner party for Patrick and Tania Trant
Dinner party for Eliza Ferguson 

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