3 June 2013

Recipe for Sweet Chilli Sauce and Tempura Caulliflower

I really love cooking with sweet chilli sauce!!! It is so versatile, working great as a dipping sauce, BBQ marinade, a glaze for vegetables during cooking and added to stir fried rice and noodles. I make my own, having taken the best bits from several recipes I have used over the years. It is full of fresh flavour and is really simple too! It keeps really well and I have made it several weeks in advance and kept it in the fridge in an airtight container. This recipe really packs a punch and will put to shame any pre made product on the market and iit is such a pleasure to be able to tell your friends that you have made it from fresh!

Ingredients for Sweet Chilli Sauce:
1 Red Pepper,
2 Red Chilli Peppers,
2 Inches Fresh Ginger,
2-4 Cloves Fresh garlic,
1 Cup Caster sugar,
1 Cup Rice Vinegar,
Pinch of Salt.

1) Finely dice all vegetable ingredients,
2) Place all ingredients into a pan and bring to the boil,
3) Simmer until reduced and thickened, approx 10 minutes.

ChefGary's Top tips,
1) For a quicker method, roughly chop the ingredients and blend at the end of the cooking process,
2) Reduce the sauce further for a more jam like consistency,
3) Try adding some finely shredded lemon grass at stage 1,
4) A squeeze of fresh lime at the end of the cooking adds a zesty finish,
5) For extra heat, use more chilli or leave the seeds in,
6) Always taste as you go, adjusting the quantities to your preferences.

For Cauiflower Tempura, 
1) Cut some small florets of caulliflower,
2) Mix equal quantities of self raising and corn flour,
3) Add a pinch of turmeric, salt and garam masala,
4) Add enough cold Fizzy water to the flour to make a single cream consistency, a few lumps are ok,
5) Toss the florets in a little flour before dipping in the batter and deep fryi for 2 minutes at approx 180 Centigrade until crisp,
6) This recipe works well with any vegetables or tofu pieces and is the perfect choice for dipping in your sweet chilli sauce.