13 August 2012

Private BBQ, Nicky Cooper

BBQ menus are definitely one of my top favourites, offering great versatility, being set in a relaxed or more formal style, but always creating a great centre piece during cooking, providing great aromas for the palette to salivate over whilst waiting for dinner to be served.

I had a fantastic BBQ function this weekend, hosted at the beautiful home of Nicky Cooper, who had been a previous guest at a Private Dinner Party late last year. I always add to my collection of food fans at Private Dinner Parties which is a great accolade, and it creates a greater sense of pride and achievement within me when I get invited back to cook for them again. I especially enjoyed cooking for Nicky and her family last year as I prepared a special Japanese themed dinner menu which was really enjoyed by all. I knew that to create a BBQ menu that would match expectations would be tough but I met up with Nicky a while before the Party date and went through some menu options before we came up with a great selection together. I was full of anticipation up to the event, really excited about cooking some tasty grub for everyone on the day.


On Arrival:

Smoked salmon roulade, cream cheese, rocket, black pepper, lemon,
x x x 
Carmelised figs, Parma ham, Blue cheese, balsamic dressing,
x x x
Crispy vegetable spring rolls, sweet chilli sauce,
x x x
Smoked duck breast, cucumber, spring onion, hoi sin,

BBQ Menu

Slow roasted Pork Belly, Tandoori spices,
x x x
Pork and black pepper sausages,
x x x
100 % British Beef Burgers, caramelised red onions,
x x x
Cajun and honey spiced Chicken Thighs,
x x x
Soy and honey glazed Chicken breast skewers, wrapped in streaky bacon,
x x x
Salmon Papillote, light soy sauce and honey, 
x x x
Sticky Pork Ribs, Barbecue sauce,
x x x
Vegetable skewers, ginger, chilli, olive oil,
Roasted new potatoes, chorizo, chilli, fresh basil,
Sticky rice salad, mixed peppers, pineapple, cardamom, cumin, ginger, coriander,
Mozzarella, avocado, red onion, blush tomato, fresh basil salad,
Warned salad of roasted sweet potato, baby beetroot, green beans and chorizo,
Sun dried tomato and cheese bread,
Floured baps,

Sweet chilli sauce, Lemon mayo, Mango salsa, BBQ sauce, Tomato ketchup,

To Finish:

Vanilla crème brulee, honeycomb,
x x x
Strawberry and vanilla cheese cake,
x x x
Chocolate and hazelnut roulade.

 I received a very warm welcome on the morning and it was also great to see some familiar faces again that I had cooked for before. I arrived early to light my coal BBQ and got busy in the kitchen preparing the canapes whilst the coal came to the correct cooking temperature. 

The day went quickly, the atmosphere friendly and lively, the food being enjoyed by all. It was a complete pleasure to cook and serve some tasty food to a fantastic bunch of people.

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