16 August 2011

PRIVATE DINNER PARTY, Birthday Dinner for Jules

I have now cooked for Julian and Sue Porter quite a few times and each occasion has been a great pleasure. The most recent Dinner Party being to celebrate Julian's Birthday.  We worked over the menu together to choose some of Jules' favourite dishes and I had been looking forwards to cooking on the night since we put the menu together. I can now say that I was really pleased with every course that I produced on the evening and I had great feed back from all the guests which makes another great success with my Private Dinner Parties.

I arrived at Jules' and Sue's lovely home in Bassett and unpacked all the ingredients and my cooking utensils. They have a beautiful kitchen, with plenty of work space and a lovely old fashioned oven which I am still getting the hang of after several times trying to master it. I always give myself plenty of time to set up and had about an hour and a half before the guests were due to arrive so it was great to catch up with Jules and Sue as we have met up several times since they did the photography at our own Wedding. The memories captured in our album are down to their fantastic skill and their dedication and commitment to their work. I would like to think that on a similar level, I also put the same effort and pride into my own work  and that is why we have stayed friends since then. 


To begin

Platter of British Tapas;
 Cured ham, Smoked duck breast, Chorizo, Blush tomatoes, Chipolatas in honey and sesame, 
Char grilled pitta bread and chilli and paprika hummus.

To start;

Seared scallops, walnut oil and sesame seeds,
Green chilli, lemongrass, ginger and coconut sauce,
Warmed oriental vegetable salad of peppers, celery, carrot, spring onion, chilli and ginger.


Traditional British beef fillet Wellington,
Encased in puff pastry, Wild mushroom pate and Parma ham, Rich red wine gravy.
Served with:
Dauphinoise potatoes, glazed chantenay carrots, saute green beans and asparagus.


ChefGary's very special attribute to sticky toffee pudding.
Vanilla and butterscotch sponge pudding,
Prune, cinnamon, ginger and dark toffee pudding.
Served with:
Toffee custard, Vanilla ice cream, Crisp chocolate tuille biscuit.

Pitta bread and chilli hummus 
Seared scallops, chilli, ginger, lemongrss and coconut sauce, Oriental vegetable salad.
Beef fillet wellington 
Beef fillet Wellington
Vanilla sponge and sticky toffee pudding, vanilla ice cream, chocolate tuille.

  • Sue Porter
    Thank you so much for last night , The food as always was truly wonderful xx

    Julian Porter
    Thanks again Gary, everybody absolutely loved it, as always the food was sensational

All photography by Julian Porter. Thank you once again for your great shots.


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