7 May 2011


Start off your party with some delicious Canapes

Hot buffets are great for many occasions. I have served them at Birthdays, Christenings, Weddings and also for large groups that just want to celebrate their Lunch or Dinner Party with a professional touch by having ChefGary do the catering. Below are some menus choices for hot buffets that I can cater for. All are suitable for larger parties with a relaxed atmosphere. Depending on choices, they can be served with potato or rice dishes, freshly made bread and salad. I can also design a bespoke menu to suit your specific tastes and requirements.

Hot Main Choices:
From £20 per head  (Minimum 50 persons)

Beef Dishes:
Beef Stroganoff; Tender beef strips, paprika, Dijon mustard, garlic, shallots, tomato and cream sauce.
Chilli Beef: Diced shoulder: Braised with red and green chillies, onions, garlic, cumin, tomatoes and kidney beans.
Beef Bourgignon; Slow braised diced English beef, shallots, diced bacon, red wine gravy.
Beef Madras; Hot Indian curry with chilli, crushed cumin seed, garlic, fresh coriander, 
Beef Randang: Malaysian curry with red chilli, ginger, lemongrass, coriander , coconut milk.

Pork Dishes:
Hungarian Pork Goulash; Free range pork shoulder, slow braised with shallots, peppers, paprika, garlic & tomatoes.
Pork belly casserole, Braised with bacon, chorizo, white beans, onions, garlic, tomatoes and white wine.
Balinese pork curry: Chilli, roasted sesame, turmeric, nutmeg, ginger, chilli, lemongrass, shrimp paste, cashew nuts, lime, coconut.
Slow roasted Jamaican Pork Shoulder, Mixed spice, Scotch bonnet Chillies, Garlic, Coriander, honey,

Lamb Dishes:
Lamb Stew; Slow cooked with onions, swede, carrots, parsnips, herbed dumplings.
Lamb curry: Chilli, coriander, cardamom, cloves, ground almonds, lemon and yoghurt.
Spicy rRed Lamb curry: Red chilli, paprika, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, fresh coriander and yoghurt.
Moroccan Spiced Lamb Tagine: Ground coriander seed, turmeric, garlic, paprika, tomatoes, toasted almonds, fresh coriander.
Lamb, Spinach and Chickpea Curry: Green chilli, cardamom, garlic, ginger, cumin and fresh corander.

Chicken Dishes:

Beer Braised boneless Chicken thighs: Chilli, lime, soy and garlic, spring onion.
Chicken Coq au vin: Tender diced chicken thighs, shallots, garlic, mushroom, red wine gravy.
Chicken Chasseur: Tender breast, shallots, white wine, mushrooms and tarragon.
Green Thai chicken curry; Green chilli, fresh coriander, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, coconut cream.
Sri Lankan Chicken Curry: Toasted spices, chilli, cardamom, ginger, lemon grass, kaffir lime and coconut cream.
Slow Braised Chicken and Chorizo stew: Chickpeas, chilli, paprika, garlic, tomatoes and fresh basil.
Teryaki Chicken: Soy sauce, honey, mirin wine, oriental vegetables.
Mild Yellow Thai Chicken curry: Shallots, garlic, turmeric, coconut milk and kaffir lime.
Red Thai chicken curry: Coconut milk, red chilli, butternut squash and spinach.

Fish/Shell fish Dishes:

Salmon & King Prawns; Cream of tarragon and white wine sauce.
Red Thai Fish curry; White fish and king prawns, red chilli, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, coconut milk.
Sri Lankan Fish curry: Chili,: Fenugreek, curry leaves, coconut milk, garnished with tomato and coriander.
Cambodian King prawn and scallops curry: Tamarind, turmeric, black peppercorns, sliced fresh red chillies, coconut.
King prawn and white fish Thai curry: Tamarind, green chilli, kaffir lime, curry leaf, coconut milk and toasted cashew nuts.
King Prawns and Salmon: Coconut cream, ground spices, lemon, fresh coriander

King Prawn, Monkfish, Cod and Salmon "Pie" Creamd sweet potato topping, parmesan and breadcrumbs, 

Vegetarian Dishes:
Butternut squash and puy lentil curry; Finished with coconut and fresh coriander.
Mushroom and Asparagus; Cream of wholegrain mustard and white wine sauce.
Roasted butternut squash and spinach curry: Red chilli, galangal lemongrass and coconut milk.
Aubergine and tomato curry: Fresh chilli, coriander and cumin seeds, fenugreek, curry leaves.
Sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry: Toasted spices, green chilli, ginger, coconut milk. .
Curried lentils, spinach and potatoes: Chilli, coriander, shallots, dried spices, garlic, ginger and curry leaf.
Roasted vegetable lasagne: Garlic, peppers, courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella.

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