12 April 2011


Canapes are served in small portions, offering bursts of flavour to your palette with just one bite. As part of your wedding or private dinner party, they are a great way to whet the appetite for your guests arrival. Extremely versatile little dishes, they can also be served through the course of an evening at a drinks party, ensuring your guests are being spoilt with many little food sensations. They should provide a wow factor in appearance and I love preparing all my canapes from fresh ingredients, providing you with the best quality and flavours.

Some ChefGary sample canape choices:

Carpacio of Beef fillet with blue cheese,
Grilled asparagus spears, wrapped in pancetta,
Goats cheese, wrapped in Parma ham,
Caramelised figs, Parma ham, honey and cinnamon dressing,
Proscuitto ham, pear and rocket leaves,
Crispy duck spring rolls, sweet chili dip,
Honey and mustard glazed pork chipolatas, sesame seeds,
Game pate, red onion and port chutney, Granary toast,
Smoked duck breast, cucumber, cranberry, spring onion,
Fish and shellfish:
Smoked salmon and cream cheese with fresh chives, granary toast,
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and rocket roullade, black pepper, fresh lemon,
Smoked salmon maki, pickled ginger, wasabi and soy,
Crayfish tails, spiced cocktail sauce and crispy crouton,
Crayfish tails, king prawns and spiced guacamole,
Crispy Tempura prawns, lime and mango mayonnaise,
Sticky sweet chilli King prawns, fresh coriander,
Crab meat and celeriac remoulade, wasabi creme fraiche,
Crab and ginger wonton, sweet chilli dip,
Crab and King prawn cocktail, tomato and tarragon mayonnaise,  
Bruschetta, smoked mackerel pate, horseradish, cucumber,
Wholegrain toast with goats cheese, basil pesto, slow roasted tomato,
Avocado. mozzarella and fresh basil on puff pastry,

Vegetable spring rolls, sweet chili dip,
Bruschetta, mozzarella, blush tomato, black olive and fresh basil,
Bruschetta, cranberries, orange, crumbled Stilton,
Spiced vegetable fritters, chilli, ginger, turmeric and fresh coriander.

King prawns, roasted butternut suash, chilli, garlic, fresh coriander
Sushi platter

 Bruschetta, stilton, fresh cranberries, orange zest,
Goats cheese, Parma ham, cracked black pepper, rocket leaves
Caramelised figs, cinnamon, honey, balsamic
Crispy duck spring rolls, sweet chilli sauce
Tuna Maki, pickled ginger, soy and wasabi.
Olive and rosemary bread, Camembert and Parma ham
Blush tomato, avocado, fresh basil, mozzarella
Smoked salmon roullade, lemon, cracked black pepper.
Smoked salmon, lemon, black pepper and fresh dill
Hummus with blush tomato and basil, Crayfish tails, spiced cocoktail sauce,
Duck and orange pate, red onion chutney, Brie and Parma ham with redcurrant jelly.

"Thank you so much, everything produced was delectable, delicious, well presented and very well received by my guests. It was wonderful for me to take the evening off from cooking and I felt competely confident in you, your food and presentation - thank you again "
Drinks Party, Janette and Frank Finn 

Drinks Party, Gail Budd

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