15 December 2011

Steak and Scallops

I love Scallops, I love Steak. 

There are not many plates of food that go better together than these and I was lucky enough to enjoy them both together with my gorgeous wife for tea tonight. We enjoyed the scallops quite simply, seared and served with a piquante tomato, chilli, fresh coriander and lime salsa. I used sirloin because it is a great cut with both flavour and tenderness. I char grilled them with plenty of cracked black pepper and melted some blue cheese on top while they were resting. I did some skinny hand cut chips on the side with Bernaise sauce, saute greens in garlic butter and balsamic glazed baby cherry tomatoes. It all went down great and these dishes will remain two of my top favourites for a long time to come.

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