2 November 2010


With years of experience in the catering and hospitality industry, I have set up a small business in mind to deliver a personal service for any social event. Specialising in outside catering, I can do anything from barbecues, hot and cold buffet menus and canapes to sit down banquet dinners. I am working from the Hampshire area and can come to any local destination to provide all your catering needs for your wedding, birthday or any other special occasion. Over the years I have established great relationships with local suppliers and use the best of fresh produce available. Together with my passion for food and experience I promise outstanding results and service.
I have put some menus on my website, but as I make everything from fresh ingredients, I can design any menu to suit your needs. I can do buffets from £10 per head, BBQs from £20 per head, or for something more special choose from my Banquet menus. For more prestige buffet/BBQ choices I can come up with bespoke menus using the best of British produce which will be priced accordingly. For Banquet dinners in your home, prices start from £45 per head for three courses. Final prices will be based on numbers in party, destination and dependant on supply of equipment.

A little more about me:

fell in love with food and cooking when I was growing up and was greatly influenced by my Grandma, who really knows how to create the most amazing dishes out of the best of British produce. She is an amazing cook and has helped me with many recipes over the years. Largely because of her, as soon as I left school I started work as a Chef at Chilworth manor in Southampton and have stayed with Catering since then. I have worked at many large hotels, Restaurants and Great Pubs around Hampshire and Wiltshire whilst doing a lot of my own outside catering alongside them. With the experience that I have gained I have now decided to concentrate on building a great little personal business.

I have 100% commitment to everything I do in the kitchen and really take pride in creating the best results. I really enjoy using local, seasonal ingredients and quite like to add modern twists to many recipes that I have seen over the years. As my business grows I will be blogging all my functions and also dinners that I have cooked at home. I will be building up a great variety of traditional, innovative and delicious meals on my blog which you can browse through for inspiration or I can easily come up with a unique menu to suit any requirement or venue.I will be doing all the preparation and cooking myself but have a great team of Chef's when needed, whom I have worked with over the years who will carry with them the same great sense of pride that I do. I will be specializing in the food side of the catering business but also can help arrange drinks, laundry, venue hire, waiting staff and tables. e.t.c.

I have recently been competing in vegetarian cooking competitions for Salon Culinaire in Ascot and Bournemouth and have won two consecutive gold medals. I also reached the finals for the "Vegetarian chef of the future" in May which was a great experience, competing against some amazing culinary talent.

I take nearly all the photos on my website and blog myself.  Although I am a professional chef, I am just a keen amateur photographer and sometimes I get lucky and take some great photos myself which give my food the great justice it deserves. Please forgive any that do not, although they should be getting better with time and practise. I have been lucky enough to make friends with Julian and Sue Porter who are professional photographers who have taken some great photos of my food when we have dined together. Their photos are quite noticeably far superior to mine and I give them all the credit for allowing me to use them in my blog.

I have installed a Google tool bar which appears at the top left of every page on my blog. It is a great way to search through all of my previous posts. You can also use the links at the top of every page or my blog archive which is located at the bottom of each page.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Email: chef@chefgary.co.uk
Tel: 07775560126

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