26 March 2012

Black sesame and fennel crusted pork fillet

Saute tenderstem broccoli, green cabbage, spring onions, flaked almonds, garlic, soy and sweet chilli sauce.

Another delicious dinner at home. 

Pork tenderloin, (or fillet) is a beautiful lean cut, needing little preparation, but requiring some added love and ingredients when cooking to give it some big flavour. I rolled it in sesame oil and then some crushed fennel and black sesame seeds before searing in a hot pan to caramelise the edges, finishing at a low temperature in the oven. Whilst the pork was resting, I saute the green vegetables in some more sesame oil with thinly sliced garlic, a good quality soy sauce and a little honey. I plated up, slicing the pork quite thickly and presenting atop the vegetables, with a little sweet chilli sauce that I made earlier.

I always use the opportunity of cooking at home and enjoying dinner with my lovely wife to combine  practising dishes and progressing with my food photography. Since having a one on one photography lesson with Jules and Sue porter, my photography has come on in leaps and bounds and I have been really happy with results, stepping up a level and giving my food the justice it deserves.

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