18 January 2012

Spiced scallop and King prawn platter.

Seared scallop - Laksa spices, - Potato, carrot and parsnip rosti.
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Scallop sashimi, red chilli, spring onion, lime and pickled ginger – Sesame fried scallop roe.
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King prawn wonton - Laksa curry spices - Sweet chilli sauce -Garlic and ginger fried bok choy,
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King prawn, spring onion, chilli and coriander fritter – Laksa curry and coconut yoghurt.

I love cooking with South East Asian spices and I fancied making some little canape style dishes to enjoy at home with my lovely wife. Laksa is a curried soup, originating from Malaysia and Singapore and there are many different variations of this traditionally street food style dish. The most popular are the curried coconut soup with noodles and also a tamarind based broth. Both are usually with seafood.

I have played around with the laksa spices and incorperated them into some delicious canape style dishes with scallops and king prawns. They were really delicious and the flavour from the laksa spices really brought out the best of the seafood that I used.

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