26 January 2012

Lamb and chorizo casserole,

Garlic, shallots, chilli, paprika, coriander and tomatoes.

I love working in my kitchen at home which is where I spend the majority of my cooking time. I am lucky enough to have a beautiful wife that is my biggest fan and I practise a lot of dishes out for our dinners, experimenting with different flavours and ingredients. I have vast experience working in some great little bistro pubs and class restaurants but have mostly been self taught for the past few years. Cooking has always been my biggest passion and it has grown tenfold since cooking for friends and sharing my skills with those that are close to me and really appreciate it. Tonight's dinner was with braised lamb and went down especially well, providing a warming dinner that suited the cold weather in January.

Lamb has such a beautiful flavour, holding up well when cooked with other strong flavoured ingredients. I love making use of all the cuts in a variety of cooking styles and I used some diced leg for tonight's dinner, which I casseroled with chorizo, mixed spices, carrots and potatoes, adding some green vegetable towards the end of cooking. The lamb held up beautifully with the chorizo and spices, making a great dinner for my wife and I to enjoy. 

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