14 March 2012

Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner

I cooked up a great relaxed dinner tonight, kicking off with chilli and fresh basil hummus with freshly made pitta bread to snack on whilst enjoying a few drinks. Moving on to a fantastic chicken dish, followed by a modern desserts selection, it was a brilliant evening, revolving around the food.


To Begin:

Freshly made chilli and basil hummus, grilled sesame and cumin seed pitta bread.


Pan roasted hicken thigh, Parma ham and wild mushroom sausage meat stuffing,
Seared chicken breast, shallit, tomato and tarragon gravy,
Sweet potato mash, glazed carrots, saute green beans, toasted almonds

To Finish:

Trio of desserts:

Vanilla and cardamom creme brulee,
Strawberry, lychee and elderflower jelly,
Mango, strawberry and fresh basil maki roll, lime syrup.

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