14 March 2012

Vegetarian Chef of The Future 2012

I love vegetarian cuisine and am so passionate about creating vegetarian recipes. I have put a lot of thought and effort into the "Corden Vert Vegetarian chef of the future's" competition after making it to the finals last year. I have put a fantastic menu together to celebrate some amazing ingredients, offering variance in textures and flavours, showing modern cooking techniques and presentation skills. Winning this competition would evoke intense emotions, arousing my enhusiasm and great passion for vegetarian food. I have taken a few photos from my practise run below.


To Begin:

Vegetarian Tapas
Wild mushroom risotto ball, fried in ciabatta crumb,
Bruschetta, Black olive tapenade, blush tomato, fresh basil,
Roasted sweet potato, cumin and sesame seeds, tomato and chilli sauce.


Mille fuille of roasted Mediterranean vegetables,
Spinach, halloumi and red pepper filo parcel,
Coriander and lime cous cous fritter, toasted almonds,
Roasted Tagine sauce: Ginger, paprika, turmeric, tomato and fresh coriander,
Apricot, sweet chilli and basil compote.

To Finish:

Assiette of desserts,
x x x
 Cardamom and saffron creme brulee, honeycomb, vanilla and chocolate tuille,
Strawberry, elderflower and lychee jelly,
Mango, strawberry and basil maki roll, lime syrup.

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