1 March 2012

Warmed New potato, chorizo and smoked ham salad,

Baby plum tomatoes, rocket leaves, wholegrain mustard vinaigrette.

I love creating simple salads and this beautiful recipe took very little preparation and cooking time. Fantastic tasting and also very versatile, it works brilliant as a starter, side dish or can  even be enjoyed  as a main course.

I parboiled the Charlotte potatoes for a few minutes before slicing and  finishing them off in a shallow frying pan with the natural juices from the chorizo. Adding some of the juicy ripe red baby plums in early on so they  cook down and and absorb any excess chorizo oil, I reserved some right for the end of cooking time to keep their firm texture. I then tossed in spring onion, the smoked ham and the wholegrain mustard vinaigrette which I made with virgin olive oil and rice vinegar. I served the warmed potatoes with some fresh rocket, but you may use other seasonal leaves if desired. Other variations can be made with avocado, wild mushrooms, blush tomatoes, roasted red peppers an many other ingredients that will go well.

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