3 March 2012

Christening Buffet, Gemma Regniez

This weekend I provided the food for the Christening reception of young Oliver, celebrated shortly before his  first birthday. I was contacted by his mother, Gemma Regniez who was given my details from a mutual contact whom I had previously catered for at a drinks and canape party near Christmas time. Most of my work still comes through recommendation and it is really rewarding each time. We  looked at different buffet style menus to suit the occasion and came up with a great selection, offering freshly made sandwiches as a base, with a variety of hot and cold  canape and tapas dishes that were served alongside. 

I elicited great satisfaction preparing and serving the food this weekend, especially as I received so many fantastic compliments from the guests there on the day. I particularly loved making my special crispy duck rolls which have become a very popular dish on many of my menus, appearing as canapes served as a pre-starter at private dinner parties or as part of  buffet menus as they were today. I use a dry cure marinade for the duck before I confit for several hours at low temperature. Then shredded, I stir fried some garlic, fresh ginger, 5 spice, soy sauce and fresh noodles before wrapping together in pastry and frying in sesame oil until crisp. Served with sweet chilli sauce, they really are a treat, always bringing a smile upon tasting.

The reception was held at the Wherewell cricket club village hall, which is surrounded by some beautiful landscape, which was complimented by the early sun, providing a beautiful warm day for Oliver. I arrived early in the morning to set up, meeting Gemma and her husband briefly before the ceremony. My  lovely wife came to help me making the day go smoothly, assisting me in the kitchen. It is the only time that she listens to me and lets me take control. ;-) 

All the guests came back about midday to enjoy the food and it was great to be able to mingle and have a chat with a bunch of great friendly people. I had a brilliant day overall and have had a superb start to the weekend, doing what I do best and evoking great pleasure in doing so.


Freshly made sandwiches on granary bread, spinach and tomato wraps.

Rare roast beef, Dijon mayonnaise, sliced plum tomato,
Cheddar cheese, apple, date and red onion chutney,
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and rocket leaves,
Brie, crispy bacon, redcurrant jelly,

x x x 

Crispy duck rolls, sweet chilli sauce,

x x x 

Saute King prawns, chorizo, fresh red chill, spring onion, fresh coriander, lime,

x x x 

Puff pastry, mozzarella, blush tomato, fresh basil, avocado,

x x x

Spiced baby roast potatoes, tomato and chilli sauce.

"Thank you so much for the amazing food you prepared for us for Oliver's christening. It really was fantastic, and so many people commented on how good it all was. It really made the day.
Hope all is well with you and we'll look forward to our next bash.
Thanks again,
Gemma. John and Oliver"

ChefGary Buffets

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