12 September 2011

SEARED DUCK BREAST, Soy, honey and chilli.

Crispy duck spring roll, saute broccoli and glazed carrots.

We had the Olds round for dinner tonight and after cooking a duck dish  for a Private Dinner Party on the weekend, I really fancied cooking some duck at home. I like using the breast and the leg, utilising different cooking methods to give varied textures. I used Barbary duck and I rubbed the skin of the breast with sea salt and freshly ground 5 Spice before searing it skin side down until it became really crispy. I turned it over and took it off the gas to let it finish cooking in the residual heat of the pan. I had already confit the leg, shredding the meat and putting it back in the oven to crispen up. I tossed it with chilli, soy and honey and wrapped it up in pastry with some finely cut celery, leek and carrot. We enjoyed the dinner immensely and I will definitely be cooking duck at home more often.

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