1 August 2011


My Grandma has been the inspiration for a lot of my cooking since I was very young and at nearly ninety she is still going strong and continues to make her own pastry and bread, as well as many other home made dishes. She is a great fan of traditional British cooking, such as roasts, stews, casseroles and cottage pie. I try to visit when I am free and she really appreciates it when I go round and cook lunch for us. My grandma absolutey loves creme brulee, but also wanted to try my apple tartin so I thought it would be a great treat to indulge in two desserts! We decided to have cottage pie to start, baked with creamed potatoes with nutmeg and grated red Leicester cheese. I took my Grandma shopping in the morning and we were sat down for lunch soon after.

Cottage pie, cheesy mash
Cottage pie, served with fresh asparagus and green beans
Apple tartin
Vanilla brulee, apple tartin, vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries
Vanilla brulee, crushed carmel and honeycomb


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