23 August 2011

FILLET STEAK, Wild mushroom and wholegrain mustard sauce.

Hand cut oven chips, red onion and balsamic tartin, 
Saute julienne of leeks and glazed baby plum tomatoes.

Another great dinner at home tonight! Fillet steak is a special treat as it is the best quality beef available in terms of leanness and tenderness. Because of the lack of fat in the fillet, it is best served on the rare side with plenty of seasoning and a robust sauce to give it extra flavour. I seared mine in a hot pan to caramelize the outside and then turned the heat down to finish it off gently before allowing it to rest for about five minutes. The wild mushroom sauce had a richness that complimented the steak and the chips were great to mop up the extra sauce. The pastry on the red onion tartin was beautifully crisp and the onion was soft and juicy inside. The buttered leeks and the baby plum tomatoes finished off the meal very nicely indeed.


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