20 June 2011


We had a family get together for Fathers day and I was in charge of doing the cooking. I had a fab time preparing everything from great quality fresh ingredients and it was another great day with ChefGary's BBQ food .

Fathers Day BBQ Menu

Peppered British rump steak
x x x
Tikka marinated chicken breast, coconut yoghurt
x x x
Chinese 5 spice marinated chicken breast, sweet chilli sauce
x x x
Chiili and basil burgers
x x x
British pork and leek sausages
x x x
Pork belly chops, smokey BBQ sauce
x x x
Char-grilled red, yellow and green peppers
x x x
Mixed tossed salad,  French bread, tortilla wraps
x x x
Blushed tomato hummus, Guacamole, ChefGary's special BBQ sauce.


Stage one

Cooking away

5-spice chicken, 

Peppered British rump steak

Tikka marinated chicken

ChefGary at work

Dad, Paul and little Ben

ChefGary, Bethany and Ben

Brothers: Robbie, ChefGary, Paul, Dad and Ben
Mum, ChefGary, Robbie, Paul.

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