24 March 2011


Served with egg fried rice, saute spinach and garlic, wasabi and soy.

I love cooking with fish and often try new ideas out at home for my wife and I. I make an extra effort to use sustainably sourced fish and for this dish I used pangasius which is a farmed catfish from Asia. Also known as river cobbler or white catfish, it is of a good texture but fairly bland in flavour. However, this makes it great to take on other stronger flavours.Cutting them into the nations favourite "fish finger" shape, I coated them in sesame seeds and pan fried them for a few minutes on each side. I did some fragrant egg fried rice which I boiled first with some cinnamon, star anise, cloves and green cardamom pods, then finished in a pan with free range duck eggs. I saute some spinach too with a little black pepper and nutmeg. I had a good helping of good quality naturally brewed light soy sauce and wasabi on the side which was a delight to dip the fish in. I added a little red chilli to mine as I love a little kick with my food and also like to utilise the chilli pepper for all its natural health benefits.

Pangasius fish fingers in sesame with wasabi.
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