For every BBQ, I supply all ingredients, crockery, cutlery, tables and napkins, bringing my own coal BBQ to your chosen venue. Whether you require a relaxed style of service or a more intimate dining environment, I promise to provide a unique BBQ experience that will make your event extra special.

I cost my menus from £25 to £35 per head, dependent on Ingredients used, supply of equipment, travel expenses and numbers in your party. Canapes from £5 and desserts also at £5. For exact costings please telephone 07775560126 or email:

Create your own BBQ Menu:
£25 per head for four main choices, potatoes, bread and sides

Chicken breast, marinated in Cajun spices and honey.
Chicken drumsticks and boneless thighs in Caribbean Jerk seasoning.
Chicken breasts, peri peri marinade.

Tender Teryaki Beef and Red pepper Kebabs,
Sirloin steak, Sticky BBQ Glaze.

Pulled Brisket of Beef, Garlic, Onions, coriander and chilli,
Beef burgers, 100% English beef with black pepper and saute onions.
Lamb skewers, smokey bbq marinade.
Rump of Lamb, garlic, rosemary and thyme.
Pork Ribs, BBQ Glazed with Tamarind, Chilli and Soy

Pulled Pork belly, tandoori spices and yogurt dressing.
Pork Chipolata sausages, 

Salmon papillote, tarragon, Lemon, Black pepper,
Sea-Bass fillet, lemongrass, ginger and Thai basil.

King Prawn skewers, Garlic, Chilli and coriander,

Field mushroom, stuffed with red pesto and halumi cheese.
Char grilled Mediterranean vegetables with fresh basil and olive oil.
Red peppers, roasted and stuffed with cous cous.
Fresh vegetable skewers, garlic and chili marinade.
Roasted butternut squash, chili and coriander.

Honey and Mustard Dressed Leaves and tossed Salad,
Rocket leaves, baby spinach and watercress, lemon vinaigrette.
Mozzarella, avocado, red onion and tomato, blush tomato and basil dressing.
Roasted Sweet potato, baby beetroot,gree beans and chorizo, 
Asian inspired 'slaw, Soy, Lime and Chilli 
Potato and spring onion, mustard mayonnaise.
Spiced rice salad, red and green peppers, sweetcorn, pineapple and curried dressing.
Mediterranean pasta salad, slow roasted tomatoes and roasted vegetables.

Chick Pea, Bulgar wheat, Lemon, Cumin seed, Tomatoes, Chilli, peppers,

Floured Baps
Sun dried tomato and basil bread,

Flat Breads,
Granary loaf.

Potato dishes                                                                               
Crispy Cajun potato wedges.
New potatoes with fresh chives and butter.     

Roasted sweet potato, chilli, coriander and olive oil,

Barbecue marinades
Cajun; red chili, paprika, cumin, oregano, honey.
Thai; green chili, ginger, garlic, lemongrass, coriander and coconut.
Caribbean Jerk; red chili, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, lime and treacle.
Tandoori spice; paprika, turmeric, cumin, coriander seed, cardamon, chili and yogurt.
Sweet chili; red chili, ginger, garlic, honey and brown sugar.
Chinese; soy sauce, chili, ginger and sesame.
Peppercorn; crushed green, pink and black peppercorns.
Roasted garlic, wild Hampshire rosemary and fresh thyme.
Smoked barbecue; smoked paprika, crushed cumin seeds and brown sugar.
Char siu; honey, 5 spice, dark soy sauce, hoi sin and rice wine.
Balinese spice, chilli, lemongrass, roasted nuts, turmeric and soy.

Photo gallery from previous BBQ functions.