4 April 2012

Lunch with my beautiful Grandma

My Grandma is a massive inspiration to me when it comes to cooking. She makes the best of British classics and I remember back when I was a little boy and I had my first true experience of eating  fresh vegetables in a delicious beef stew she had made for all the family. My Grandma loves to cook all the British favourites and to this day, I really enjoy a traditional stew with tender diced British beef, fresh carrots, parsnips, leeks and potatoes in a thick natural gravy with herbed dumplings, bringing back fond memories of eating round at Grandmas. Now approaching ninety, it is amazing how much she still does for herself in the kitchen, making her own fresh bread, plum, fig and apricot jams, marmalades and onion, tomato and apple chutneys. 

I had a few days off work and thought it would be a great treat to cook lunch for my lovely Grandma as she definitely deserves to be served on now and again. Last time I cooked lunch for us, we enjoyed Shepherds pie, followed by Creme brulee. For today's lunch, we indulged in some pan roasted pork chops, sea salt crackling, caramelised apples, onion gravy, potatoes and peas. 

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