22 March 2012

Lamb Meatball Tagine

Roasted red peppers, tomatoes, spinach, garlic, chilli, cinnamon, ginger, toasted almonds, apricots, spring onions, fresh coriander, Lime and black pepper cous cous.

I love cooking traditional dishes and lamb tagine is a great favourite of mine. I cooked up a slight twist on the original by using lamb meatballs rather than diced meat. A much cheaper way to create the dish and also more appealing to the younger generation, it is a great way to get your young family used to the aromatic spices. With influence from many regions of North Africa, there are lots of variations, containing different blends of spices, but all are traditionally cooked in the Tagine style casserole dish. It is dome shaped at the top so as to return all the evapourated condensation to the centre of the casserole.

I slow cooked my Tagine in the oven for several hours before finishing with fresh baby spinach, spring onions, toasted almonds and fresh coriander. It was really tasty, the meatballs having absorbed the flavours from the gravy, served with cous cous to soak up all the natural juices spreading out onto the plate.

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