30 May 2011

DINNER PARTY, Carl and Lucy

Our good friends Carl and Lucy came by for dinner and I created a few dishes for us to dine on. We had a great evening, enjoying the food and company.


To start:

Prawn canapes with spiced tomato mayonnaise. 
x x x 
Prawn canapes with olive oil, balsamic and cracked black pepper.
x x x
Crudites with roasted red pepper and chilli hummus.


Crispy beef strips, sweet chilli sauce.
x x x
Stir fried vegetables and noodles.
x x x
ChefGary's special hand cut chips.
x x x
Flat breads with garlic and coriander.


Trio of desserts:
Chocolate orange cheesecake, ginger shortbread base.
x x x
Vanilla and cardamom brulee.
x x x
Strawberry and elderflower jelly.

Assorted prawn canapes

Stirfried noodles and vegetables with fresh ginger and soy

Hand cut chips

Crispy sweet chilli beef, noodles, hand cut chips 
Chocolate cheesecake, vanilla brulee, strawberry and elderflower jelly.


  1. It was amazing food Chef, it's always so good, you are absolutely the BEST CHEF in the WORLD. The nuts sucked though! Still giving you a 10 :)

  2. Chef I want some more of that Sweet Chilli Beef... That was special.

  3. Thanks Carl, It's always a pleasure cooking when you come round for dinner. I will do crispy sweet chilli beef again for you, ;-)